Why choose Trescal

Trescal offers global expertise and know-how across the entire measurement field

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  • Trescal offers a local service, thanks to an international network of  370 laboratories located in 26 countries
  • With 780 accreditations in 28 different domains, Trescal offers our customers a very wide range of technical services, with a minimum use of external subcontracting
  • Trescal can carry out accredited or traceable calibration services over an extensive measurement range, for all instrument brands, either on-site or in-house
  • Trescal’s proprietary software solutions for asset management are recognised worldwide
  • Trescal is independent from all measuring equipment manufacturers, ensuring total impartiality
  • Trescal is able to open new laboratories to support customer needs. Trescal has already opened laboratories in the United States, Singapore, Morocco & Tunisia for customers

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